“Let there be light.” began the process during which The Programmer programmed. We, individual programs living in a vastly larger compilation of programs, now understand that light is not just what we see. “Light” is an Iron Age word for “The energy spectrum”.

The Programmer began by programming the entire spectrum of energy. There are two kinds of energy, living and dead. Fire is dead energy. Our spirits are living energy. Gravity is a dead energy. Angels are living energy.

Angels are packets of living energy. They have free will. Some chose to disobey The Programmer. Loyal angels drove them out of Heaven to the place from which their leader directs them to do everything they can to destroy our souls.

When we see, we only see emanations or reflections of energy. We see them, and say that we see. What we do not see is where we see.

The light goes through the clear fluid in the eye. It travels to the retina, is “bio-digitized”, and travels down the optic nerve. There, it is sent to the brain and filed away for long or short term storage.

Let us be clear. What is being stored in our minds is a form of light.

Those who store up a great deal of light are said to be “bright”.