Locked in.

Many in the west are surprised that terrorists are coming from the grandchildren of immigrants to their countries.

We are also surprised that nearly all immigrant men, women, and children from the Middle East, no matter how many generations they’ve been in their new country, are fully supportive of all terrorist activity.

Exposure to Western civilization is not as inherently enlightening as believed.

Women and children who grow up to support terrorists have been kept in bondage. Many cannot think independently. They’ve never learned to do anything but what they’re told. In their hearts, there is no desire to be free. In fact, they make every effort to see that their own daughters are similarly raised, and often mutilated.

Despite bravado and bluster, they are a timorous and frightened people. They are afraid of freedom, and embrace their chains. They are afraid of innovation, and retreat to the past.

As seen in the Armenian genocide, they do not hesitate to wipe out peoples smarter than themselves. There is no rest for them. Once they’ve purged their areas of smarter, kinder, nicer people, they destroy less extreme sects of their own religion. The more fanatic wipe out the less fanatic and are proud to do so.

If it weren’t for their self-imposed duty to exterminate the Christians and Hindus around them, they’d have little to do, except to rot away after they’d killed each other, stifled on their own self-righteousness.