Do they love to hate and lie?

We are made in the image of God. As Catholic Fundamentalists put it, “We are programmed with similarities to The Programmer.” That means we have been programmed with an innate affinity for truth and love. The other side hides that, and it hurts the souls of all who ignore that aspect of our nature.

The minds of the lost souls, as we see clearly in the Global Warming Fraud, are forced to renounce truth and love. Their feelings turn from loving truth and their neighbors to hating both. Their actions, likewise, must be reversed from helping to hurting. They abandon truth for lies and choose death over life.

Denying one’s basic nature hurts.

So, as they travel farther and farther from God, they must distract themselves with various idols. Those distractions deaden the conscience while making an honest appraisal of what they’re doing to themselves increasingly difficult. Every idol leads to greater distance from God, and greater unhappiness. That must be deadened with more distractions, other idols.

The downward path of sin may be described by the emptiness of the idol-worshippers’ encapsulation of wrong, conscience-deadening desires, “All I want are faster horses, younger women, and more money.”

Somewhere, deep within, each of them is crying out for love. Paradoxically, they shun the only Being in all creation Who can give it to them. By that willful shunning, they condemn themselves to suffer forever from those evil, evil spirits who show how much they hate by endlessly and agonizingly tormenting the hateful who choose, while on earth, to spend eternity with them.

Being careful.

Desires that may, but do not need to, lead to sin are all around us. Businessmen want more factories, increased sales, bigger machines, and profit. Those hungry for power want higher positions and larger staffs. Union leaders want more members. Lots of us want new cars, houses, appliances, clothing, and a host of other things.

As long as we obey the laws, both God’s and man’s, we don’t do any harm, and may do a great deal of good, by wanting and getting these things.

But, when greed tempts us to get things we can live very well without by hurting our neighbors, we separate ourselves from God. Worse, we may begin to justify doing so. That compounds the sin with lies.

As soon as we see that we are justifying doing something wrong, an alarm bell should ring. That alarm bell tells us that we should make every effort to get back on the straight and narrow so that we do not join those sliding down the broad paths to perdition, their hands so busy grasping to hold on to the very things that make it impossible for them to slow, much less stop, their slide down a very slippery slope.