Luther, dragon from the abyss?

The Book of Revelation, Chapter 20, prophesied that after The Thousand Year Reign, the dragon would be released from the abyss. A little over a thousand years after Rome fell, about a thousand years after the Arian heresy was eliminated and Trintarian Catholicism had reigned over Christendom for a thousand years, “the dragon was released from the abyss”.

It is understandable that few whose denominations spring from the Lutheran schisms associate Luther with “the dragon from the abyss”. Still, when we see the horrors that have been inflicted because of what are now 43,000 competing denominations, we see that the question must be asked: “Was Luther actually the ‘dragon from the abyss’ in human form?” Or, was Luther a bitter, unhappy man who was led astray by “the dragon from the abyss”?
What makes that question so reasonable? The endless claim of Luther’s supporters who say “Luther fought the great evil of The Catholic Church selling indulgences!” is so absurd that it defies rational justification.

There was no crime. Indulgences allowed the truly repentant to find some forgiveness for their sins by donating to The Church. In every age, from the donations of the upper room and the expensive, hand-hewn tomb to today, faithful Catholics have made, and continue to make, donations to Jesus and His Church. The friends of Jesus by help Him by helping The Church He Founded.

Still, those who are driven by a desperation to justify being in some schism, rather than be humble and obedient members of The Only Church Founded by He Who Fulfilled the Prophecies, rant and rail. “The Church was selling indulgences! It was corrupt. It was evil! It was bad!” say those unable to see through satan’s smokescreen.

Keep that in mind while considering what true evil is. True evil is aborting 3,500 unborn babies every day. When The Church Jesus Founded was ruling Christendom, there were no children, born or unborn, being sacrificed on the Altar of Convenience.

Making concerns about “indulgences” five hundred years ago even more ridiculous? If all Pro-life people were unified in The Only Church Jesus Founded, we would have enough influence to stop the awful killing. What keeps us from that unity? We are kept from unifying to protect life by people who say self-righteously and erroneously announce, “I am a Protestant because, five hundred years ago, The Catholic Church formalized a process by which those who sinned could obtain some forgiveness by donating, even a few mites, so that The Church could do its important work.”

The unborn victims of the Protestant fragmentation are not just the hundred million unborn children who have been killed. Their souls will find eternal happiness. The greater victims are those who will lose their souls for letting the killing continue because they think it is a greater crime to be Catholic because The Church promised rewards in Heaven to its faithful supporters five hundred years ago.

Think about that, as we ask: Luther, dragon from the abyss? If not, he might as well have been. Has he not brought many who follow him to disunity and everlasting pain?

Those unable to become Catholic may help their souls by supporting Pro-Life efforts. By doing so, they are obtaining indulgences, and that great good cannot help but lead them closer to The Only Church Jesus Founded.