Luther’s tidal wave of death


Luther’s tidal wave of death has rolled around the world for five hundred years.   The huge tsunami began with the Peasant’s War.  His revolt against the Church encouraged political rebellion.    Luther gave nobles the unChristian command:  “Kill the German pigs!”  Over a hundred thousand peasants died.

Luther’s tidal wave of death rolled over England.  All with eyes may see that it took more obvious financial form:  “Kill or dispossess Catholics and steal their property!”  A million Catholics were killed, often tortured to death.   Catholic monasteries, convents, churches, cathedrals, and hospitals changed hands.  So did a third of the land in England.

England’s “Instant Billionaires” put print and plays, the media of the time, to work.  They, along with universities, and “theologians” were told, “If you want funding, distract people from our mass murder, theft, and the billions we stole!  Tell  ’em ‘We had to kill all those people to get rid of Catholic indulgences!   Helping people find forgiveness for sins through prayer, good works and donations was such an awful crime against man and God that we had to kill all those Catholics!   Make ’em believe it was God’s will!'”

With England’s army and navy behind it, manned by men who might have been monks, Luther’s tidal wave of death began to roll across North America.  Countless millions of Indians were killed, often by starvation.  Others were destroyed by rum and whiskey, the drugs used at the time to get rid of undesirables.

Aware of the money to be made by taking and selling Indian land, The English Government tried to exclude local land-grabbers from the riches.   Land grabbers included G. Washington.  He owned 50,000 acres, of dubious title, in Pennsylvania.  His land in Ohio included fourteen miles of Ohio River frontage.  The threat to many, many such land-grabs encouraged demands for “Independence!”

When settlers took land without treaties, Indians sometimes fought back.  The settlers invariably responded:  “We need troops to defend ourselves against these savages!”  A parade of Andrew Jacksons were voted into office to “legalize” the greatest land-grabs and mass murders in history.

America’s Protestant Establishment, as in England, was too busy surfing on Luther’s tidal wave of death to care.

For 250 years, Luther’s tidal wave of death rolled across the continent.  Then, it rolled over Hawaii and the Philippines.

Now, Luther’s tidal wave of death rolls into the very reproductive systems of those who use abortion-inducing “pills”, implants, and devices.  Billions of babies no bigger than the . at the end of this sentence are killed.  Each of us was once that tiny.

The Catholic Church was not washed away by Luther’s tidal wave of death.  It still stands, Pro-Life to the end.  We think about history and eternity as we make our choice.