“The Thousand Year Reign” ended.


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The Thousand Year Reign of The Church over Western Christendom was predicted in Revelation 20.

“The Thousand Year Reign” ended.   Five hundred years ago, “the dragon was unchained from the abyss”.  Greedy men found justification to turn their guns against The Church.  They became “instant billionaires” by stealing Church lands and buildings.   In the process, a million faithful Catholics were brutally killed in Scotland, Ireland, and England.

A few objected to the Crown’s new Church of England.  Ambitious men invented denominations of their own.    The new Anglican Church persecuted them as viciously as they had persecuted Catholics.  Many were made to move.  Tragically, the “new” denominations of Protestants who ended up in North America began to do to Indians what the Anglicans had done to them in England.

The next 250 years were bloody.  Countless millions of North American Indians were killed.  Their land was forcibly “purchased”, for trinkets or a few cents an acre.  Surviving Indians were shoved West.  Indian cornfields were burned in the Fall so they would starve and freeze to death by the millions in brutal Winter.

Even more Indian lives and tribes were destroyed by rum and whiskey, the drugs used at the time to get rid of undesirables.

Episcopalian, Presbyterian, Methodist, Lutheran, and Baptist believers ran the nation while the killing continued.  The brutality is clear:  85% of the people in Catholic-settled America still have Indian DNA.

In the 1930s, “enlightened” denominations abandoned Catholic teaching that forbid artificial birth control.  Now, countless billions of their own descendants are killed by birth control “pills”, implants, and devices that kill unborn children no bigger than the . at the end of this sentence.

In 1973, those who denied even more Catholic teaching made abortion legal.   A million unborn Americans are killed by abortion every year.  Why?  There are no Indians left to loot.  Now, abortion keeps taxpayers working and welfare recipients at affordable numbers.

It is nearly impossible for Protestants to see and say, “We are sorry for what our predecessors have done.”  Apologizing would recognize that separation from The Only Church Jesus Founded leads to death, in this life and beyond.

“The Thousand Year Reign” ended.  500 years ago, “the dragon was unchained from the abyss”.  Many read history and wonder, “Was it Martin Luther?”