Many forms of child abuse.

The worst child abuse is abortion. Some is caused by artificial birth control that brings death to the tiniest of babies. Others are abused unto death by abortionists. Abortion is the worst form of child abuse.

The infliction of insecurity on children by divorce is a slower form of death by child abuse. Fragile children, growing up without love, care, tenderness or affection are unable to have and pass on those qualities. As with abortion, this child abuse is visited upon children by vain, self-centered parents.

Some children are abused sexually. It is an awful sin that “Cries out to The Holy Spirit for vengeance.” Those who abuse children end up in the deepest pits of pain.

Educational abuse consists of wasting time on studies that keep children more ignorant and inclined to sin than they should be. Pretending that Babylon’s earth and body worship is meaningful reduces people to mindless pawns dependent on the state.

Sports abuse causes permanent brain damage to uncounted millions of children. Football and soccer cause the most brain damage. Having children’s brains smashed into by hard, heavy football helmets and soccer balls causes millions of mini-concussions every day in the brains of children in nations from which God has turned His Face.

Soccer, in a typical Babylon perversion, is praised for damaging more brains at lower cost than any other activity. The damage is so insidious that people whose brains have been so damaged they will never rise to the higher levels of accomplishment to which they’d otherwise be capable spend time encouraging new generations of helpless children to inflict a similar loss of thinking ability upon themselves.

Even Bishops in The Catholic Church do not forbid Catholic children from heading soccer ball in their parochial schools. Then, they wonder why so many young adults are unable to see the complexity of Catholic thought and end up in the various Evangelical outfits where any thinking at all is discouraged. Former soccer players fit right in.

Is it a sin to encourage soccer and football? None of the enthusiasts would drop a soccer ball forty feet onto their computer. But, they’ll let soccer balls and helmets smash repeatedly into the delicate, developing brains of young children. Any who understand that and continue to encourage such dumbing-down are committing awful sins as each child drops in ability from the permanent brain damage caused by each mini-concussion.

Still, children hurt by sexual abuse, divorce, anti-education, lies, and brain-damaging sports may have useful lives. Not so the poor, aborted child. Each leaves behind an awful vacuum in the minds of those responsible. Many forms of child abuse. The worst is abortion.