People pan for gold. God pans for souls.


Prospectors pan for gold by putting a shovelful of gold-bearing sand into a pan of water. The pan is swirled around and around. The lighter, worthless grains of sand are washed away. More water is added until all the sand is swirled away. The grains of gold remain. People pan for gold. God pans for souls.

Like grains in the shovelfuls of sand, each human soul is similarly swirled around and around as it goes through life. The lighter souls are washed away.

There is only one way for human soul to gain the qualities that The Prospector values enough to be kept. Obedience adds sufficient substance to the soul to be saved.

Light, flighty souls are as valueless to The Prospector as grains of sand to the person prospecting for gold. The Prospector has decided: “Every soul has the opportunity to be saved. Those who are obedient to Me will be saved.”

There is a substance to the obedient soul. It is solid, reliable, and gains great strength from obeying the instruction Jesus repeated eighteen times: “If you do not eat My Body and drink My Blood you do not have life in you.”
The soul, coming into being at the moment of conception, is the Organizing Principle around which spirit, mind, and body are built, beginning with the nutrients in its mother’s womb.

When the spirit, mind, and body are correctly focused on saving the soul, they work together, obeying God.

The disobedient soul has little substance, and will be washed away like sand. We hear such souls crying to the mind: “Stop this silliness and sin. If you do not obey, I, who am all that you are, am lost. You will put I, who am you, into eternal agony if I am washed away because you refused The Body and Blood of Jesus.”

People pan for gold. God pans for souls.