Protestantism’s profound problem


Protestantism’s profound problem is that not one Protestant is able to obey Jesus’ clear call to Catholic Communion. He said, “If you do not eat My Body and drink My Blood you do not have life in you.” He repeated that twelve times in John 6:33-66 and six more times in The Last Supper Accounts of Matthew, Mark, and Luke, giving that command an astonishing eighteen times!

The only way to “have life in” us is to do what is necessary to receive Catholic Communion.

These facts must be recognized:

1. Jesus had the power to establish His Church. This is shown by His words, spoken to one man, one time, in Matthew 16:18-19: “Verily, verily I say unto you thou art Peter and on this rock I build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. I give you the keys to The Kingdom of Heaven.”

2. Jesus had the power to give priests ordained in living link with His Ordination of The Apostles the power to forgive sin. This is clear in John 20:23 and Matthew 16: 19-20. “Those whose sins you forgive on earth are forgiven in Heaven.”

3. Jesus did not want the confusing conflict that has emerged with 45,000 individual churches, each a Marketing Plan invented by an ambitious Protestant man with a Marketing Plan to break into “the religion business”.

4. Protestant Marketing Plans began by inventing “theologies” to justify the theft of Church property and replacing Catholic priests with obedient hirelings. Land owned by The Church was given to the politically connected for their own, vast estates. The fragmentation of Christendom continued as opportunities for individual profit became apparent.

5. The Marketing Plans in conflict with The Only Church Jesus Founded have allowed abortion, abortion-causing birth control chemicals and devices.

Protestantism’s profound problem is worshiping self instead of obeying Jesus, while insisting “I am a good person.”