No counterfeits in God’s Kingdom

Earthly kingdoms have the authority to coin money. Many of them mandate that various kinds of paper or other material be accepted by its citizens as mediums of exchange.

Every earthly kingdom with real money has counterfeit money in circulation. If the amount of counterfeit money grows too large, the nation will collapse.

Jesus proclaimed “The Kingdom of God.” In Lk 9:2 and in Acts 28:31, Jesus and His Disciples announced “The Kingdom of God” on earth.

What is “money” in The Kingdom of God? In Mark 10:31, Jesus said about His medium of exchange, “If you give up houses, family, and land on earth, I will repay you a hundredfold.” Luke, 8:8 tells us that the “good seed” produces a “hundredfold”. Isaac planted, and the yield was a “hundredfold”.

In The Kingdom of Heaven, the real money is measured in belief and obedience to the teachings of Jesus. Those who believe in The Kingdom of God on earth must beware of counterfeiters. How do we tell those, the worst counterfeiters of all? Counterfeits cannot stand firmly. They debase their coinage when important moral issues like fornication, divorce, artificial birth control, or abortion come under pressure. That’s how we tell counterfeit religions. The Only Church Jesus Founded never gives in.

Hundreds of thousands of counterfeiters pretend to provide access to The Kingdom of God. “The inventor of our schism was better than the inventors of the other 42,999 denominations. God personally told the inventor of our schism how to get his followers into Heaven. You can trust us!”

The Bible is very clear: Jesus is on record as having begun One Church. Mt. 16:18-20 “I say unto you thou art Peter and on this rock I build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. I give you The Keys to The Kingdom of Heaven. What you bind on earth shall be bound in Heaven. What you loose on earth shall be loosed in Heaven.”
That is an astonishingly clear statement. To prove it, His most bizarre instruction,“If you do not eat My Body and drink My Blood you do not have life in you.” was found to make perfect sense at The Last Supper, when He turned bread and wine into His Body and Blood, “Given up for you.” Then He empowered His Disciples to ordain priests and bishops with that same authority so that all would have access to that Coin of The Kingdom of God.

Not one of the counterfeiters can duplicate that Holy Coinage of The Kingdom of God. Counterfeiters avoid the true Coin of The Heavenly Realm. Unable to have the “real money”, tens of thousands of vain, ambitious Pastor Bobs invent their own ways to Heaven.

How do we know they are counterfeit? Jesus only founded one Church with the authority to mint the coinage acceptable in The Kingdom of God. No counterfeits in God’s Kingdom.

An aside:

What may happen to Catholic donations? A Catholic who puts in 10.00 a week, times 52 weeks, deposits 520.00 a year in his or her “Heavenly Account”.

If that continues for sixty years, 60 years times 520 dollars = $31,200. But Jesus said that people in The Kingdom make a hundred times that. So, they have $31,200 times 100 = $3,120,000 in their heavenly account.

There is another consideration. The widow’s mite, say, a penny, is, in the Kingdom of God, worth more than the sizable donations of the prosperous. So, the poor who give have a “multiplier” working for them. They may have a billion or two on deposit!

Truly, it pays to be Catholic, and use the “coin of God’s realm”. Smarter people shun counterfeiters and counterfeits. Those caught with counterfeit money are treated harshly on earth. Judgment day is worse.