Now, we are all Indians.



Catholics quickly understand history!  500 years ago, unprincipled anti-Catholics turned their guns on The Church and replaced Catholic Monarchs.  Many became billionaires by taking Church lands and assets for themselves.

When they came to America, the divided Protestant Establishment found more unarmed neighbors to loot.  They turned Indian tribes against each other.  As the Tribes were weakened, the Establishment let their lands be stolen.

“We make a living by stealing from the unarmed!” became government policy.  Now, we are all Indians.

We are all turned against each other.  Women are turned against men.  Blacks are turned against whites.  Children against parents.   Poorer people are urged to attack their more prosperous neighbors.   Hate attacks love.  Lies attack truth.  Death attacks life.

The Protestantism that taught “We can save our own souls!” took political form as democracy. “We can rule ourselves!”   In every administration, those who tax and take become stronger.   Mere citizens become powerless.

“We can rule ourselves!” is “voter vanity”.   The harsh reality:  Those able to manipulate voters become rich and powerful as we are reduced to vassalage.

We compare the tax rates of Catholic Monarchs.  The 10% their efficient governments took from their people has swollen.  Now, sales, property, and income taxes enrich the few while making families poorer.

Ever increasing salaries, benefits, and pensions make citizens ever more helpless and subservient.  We see that we are “the new Indians”.  We are encouraged to fight each other as we grow ever poorer.

As opiates kept Babylon’s citizens in check, we are distracted and destroyed by new kinds of mind altering drugs.  All around us, lives wither.  Many turn to government for help.

We see the results of government “help” by seeing what it did to Indians.  That may prompt us to realize:  The Church is the only force on earth that is able to counterbalance the state so that our lives, families, properties, and rights are protected.  When The Church is fractured, freedom falls.