One reason for Catholic Fundamentalism: A house divided cannot stand.

The Church, when dominated by Aquinian wholeness, believed Scripture. As more Catholics accepted modernist teachings, especially on the age of the earth and evolution, The Church became increasingly divided from Scripture.

When Scripture is undermined, polluted, darwinized, or only believed in part, it is no longer the firm, universal guide that shepherded our ancestors through the centuries. The Church is weakened.

The Catholic Fundamentalist concept that God can program in three dimensions makes it intellectually possible, if not reasonable, to return to the Aquinian wholeness that was once the Church.

There’s an amazing thing about Catholic Fundamentalism: Not one human being on the face of the earth can disprove that God can program in three dimensions. Yet, few are comfortable with considering that possibility. Many avoid it like the plague. References to it are frequently removed, even on web sites that purport to be “Catholic”.

As we grow in understanding of God’s ability to program in three dimensions, we tend to be put in our place. We begin to understand what it means to be omnipotent. He is the potter. We are the clay. We see that it is more important that He be obeyed than “talked to”.

Our reluctance to seriously consider God’s power comes from self-importance. That, of course, comes from the deadliest sin, pride.

As we realize that God has programmed the universe, and programmed us free will creatures to be able to make choices within it, humility follows as the day the night.