Only Catholics ask a NEW question: “Does God have This THIS Much Power?” #17.

Only Catholics can think clearly enough to see a simple reason for God to have sent 2 trillion galaxies spinning through space!


Question 1:  “What is the question that makes Catholics ask:  ‘Does God have This Much Power?’

Answer:  “Billions of people have been led to disobey God.  Most of us do not bring as many immortal souls into being that we could have.  At Judgment, does God show so much love for those led into disobedience ‘through no fault of their own’ that He brings the lost children to life throughout the trillions of galaxies and solar systems in His Creation?'”


Question 2:  “The most powerful telescopes in History have let astronomers see that God ‘Spoke’ between two hundred billion and two trillion galaxies into being.  Did He do so to give a solar system and planets to every child who would otherwise be lost?”

Answer:  “There are at least two possible answers:

1.  God could have downloaded all those Galaxy Programs to provide a home for every child who would have been born if their parents had been better Catholics.

2.  God did not have The Power to do that


Question 3:  “Has anyone ever asked That Question about God’s Power?”

Answer:  “People may have stopped asking when they realized that the billions of light years that separate hundreds of billions of galaxies are also there to show how far into our vanity we may choose to fall from God.”


Question 4:  “Could God’s Galaxy Programs be there to provide ‘symbolic planets’ for the ‘symbolic’ souls of ‘symbolic’ people who came into being in God’s Mind, but were not born?”

Answer: “That is one way to avoid The Question!”


Question 5:  “Does God’s Catholic Church say that ‘Souls may be saved if they are not Catholic through no fault of their own.’?”

Answer:  “That teaching shows that many souls are lost ‘through no fault of their own’.


Only Catholics are able to consider that God’s Love is so powerful that He has provided a Salvation Possibility that only Catholics can even imagine.”


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