Our denomination shows how close we want to be to truth.

When we compare, for instance, Roman Catholicism with Anglicanism, we see that The Roman Catholic Church recognizes Peter’s duly appointed successors as Popes, heads of The Church.

The Anglicans’ church, on the other hand, is headed by whomever happens to be seated on the English throne.  It is a ridiculous way to appoint a church leader who should have meaningful knowledge about guiding souls to salvation.

When we remember Who said “Thou are Peter, and on this rock, I build My Church.”, and we fully realize that He made no mention of ascribing any spiritual authority at all to the King or Queen of England, we cannot avoid seeing that truth in this issue is squarely on the side of The Roman Catholic Church.

Every Christian question has answers that are either closer or farther from truth.   Since we human programs are written and downloaded with free will, we either decide to seek truth, or not.   If we decide to do so, we have a clear duty to compare each denominations’ position on every important issue, from birth control to free will.

Over the years, billions have believed that it is the same on virtually every theological issue.  No matter what the question, The Roman Catholic Church and its structure more closely reflect Scripture and the way Jesus lived than any other denomination.

So, why were different beliefs and denominations allowed to come into being?

Atheism, agnosticism, environmentalism, all the non-Christian faiths, and the many and varied Christian denominations were allowed to come into existence so that each and every one of us, in every age, would have many opportunities to show God how close to Him we want to be.

When we decide what we’re going to believe, or which church we’re going to attend, our denomination shows how close we want to be to truth.

Our choice of what we want to believe shows God, and our neighbors, how close we want to be to Christ and His teachings.   His judgments of our decisions are followed by what are, in the very largest sense of the phrase, life sentences.  So, we should be more worried about His opinion of us than about our neighbors’.