Imaginary environmental problems are disappearing.

Something astonishing is happening.   Imaginary environmental problems are disappearing.  The fact is that, with the internet, all those cherished, imaginary environmental problems are disappearing with amazing speed.  We should pity the poor environmentalists.

Environmentalists making a living from the Global Freezing/Warming problems are having a hard time finding anywhere that’s getting colder or warmer.

Some have been worrying about Rising/Falling Sea Levels.  The poor souls can’t find a single place in any ocean on earth that has water levels going either up or down.   Some people are so cruel they actually snicker as they remind them, “Everyone, except you, thought water would seek its own level.”

A greatly beloved “gyre” the size of Texas, swirling with plastic garbage in the Pacific Ocean was thought to be a “major environmental threat”.  It was studied, analyzed, and worried about for almost a decade.  Then, all of a sudden, “the gyre” was found not to exist.  This amazingly obvious truth finally emerged, despite years of wonderfully hard work and imaginative hype from the Plastic Problem people.  Rarely has a bubble as big as “the gyre” burst so quickly.

Coal, the classic boogeyman of the Air Pollution is Killing Us crowd, is now being used in much lower quantities.  It’s being replaced with cheaper, cleaner-burning natural gas to drive electric generators.  So, the air is getting cleaner, much to the dismay of the Air Pollution is Killing Us profiteers, anguished as their own environmental bubble bursts.

Natural gas producers are being attacked by the Water Must Be Cleaner folks. They are laboring mightily to convince us that Fracking is a Problem.  But, no water problems caused by fracking have been found.  That’s causing real heartache among the Water Must Be Cleaner folks.  They have deeper frowns and and more serious scowls than ever as they hear the dreaded sounds of people laughing behind their backs.

We find ourselves crying in sympathy, “Oh my goodness.  What’s an Imaginary Problem person to do?”   Sensitive people are almost sorry for them.  “It’s so sad.  Imaginary environmental problems are disappearing.  Their bubbles are bursting.  They can’t help but be depressed as they understand that only droolers and pseudo-intellectuals think their worries are worth worrying about.”

Environmental bubbles are bursting before our very eyes.

There is a greater sadness, when we realize what most environmentalists whose bubbles have burst will choose to do:  Those in the business of exaggerating, magnifying, and inventing problems for money have two choices.   They could say, “Thank goodness!  Things are getting better!”

But, most of them will make the mistake of choosing to find other things about which to lie as their imaginary environmental problems are disappearing.  They will embrace other things to worry about.  Their poor souls will grow farther from God as find they must tell even bigger lies for funding.