My second-most important asset

“Later, when I have time.” isn’t always true. We will not always have time. Every day, we get closer to running out of time. The next moment may be our last.

Time is running out.

Much of what we do consists of reasons to avoid the scariness of thinking about how much less time we have. We go here and there, do this and that, and all the while, the clock is ticking.

Often, we want to improve ourselves, but have a hard time. It’s hard to stop drinking, smoking, and eating too much. A myriad of distractions are there to keep us from thinking about what happens when we run out of time.

What does happen when we run out of time? Our immortal soul goes to Judgment. Our soul is the most important thing we have. We then realize, “To save my soul, I must use my time wisely. Time is my second-most important asset.”

The devil doesn’t want us thinking about time. “If they think about Judgment and burning in hell forever, some of them will repent and reform. We can devour more of their souls if we distort their sense of time. Convince them to think it’s a sign of education and intelligence to nod wisely and say, ‘The earth is twenty billion years old.'”

Thinking “There’s lots of time.” makes it easy to put off self-improvement. “I’ll do it Tomorrow. There’s always tomorrow.” excuses the spiritual sloth that leads to eternal agony.

One way to get a sense of urgency is to realize: “God wrote and downloaded The Creation Program fairly quickly out of 3-D pixels. I am living in a virtually 3-D movie with a set that appears to go on forever in both space and time. I can find out from lifespan charts how much time I have left. That’s all the time I have. I’d better do what I can to have The Judge give me a favorable verdict. I do not have all the time in the world.”

Once we see that He and His angelic sub-programmers could easily program, download, compile, and arrange enough particles for all creation in a short time, Catholic Fundamentalism begins to make more sense than anything else. “He downloaded The Creation Program like a huge movie. He even had The Flood deposit layers of rock and fossils to make it look real old. He had prophets tell us what would happen thousands of pages later in the script. He downloaded our minds with the ability to see some of it.” are some of the things we may realize if we think about that when we have time on our hands.

If we are blessed, we may conclude: “Just as the prophets predicted, He sent His Son as Sacrificial Lamb in the predicted town and time to let us save our souls. His Son Founded One Church.”

That gives many the encouragement to act: “I will use my time wisely to get my soul to eternal joy. The best place to do that must be in The Only Church He Founded.”

The “books” section at the top of this page provides a free download of “New Road to Rome”. It’s about Programming and Downloading The Creation Program and gives a new look at human history. It won’t take a lot of time. Consider taking a look. It’s free. If you have some time on your hands, take a look. You won’t have a hard time understanding it.