Overpopulation. The perennially popular problem.

As one becomes more aware of evil, the importance of a few, basic lies becomes obvious. At the anit-life base of environmental thinking, “There are too many people.” comes up frequently, in many different ways.

When attempts are made to eliminate deaths by using DDT to combat malaria, we hear “There are too many people. If we get rid of malaria, there will be even more people. The earth cannot sustain them.” from those who don’t want cheap, proven DDT to be used to actually solve the problem, as it had in the past.

Selfishness is one component of the “There are too many people.” mindset. Since they kill others, even their own children, but not themselves, vanity is also involved in their hateful conclusions about the worth of their neighbors’ lives.

God, of course, told us “Love your neighbor”. Anyone who would let their neighbor suffer and die from malaria for pseudo-scientific reasons does not love any of their neighbors, even those next door.

Generally, people who do not love have never been loved. If we are to obey another command, “Love your enemy.”, we are in for some hard, dirty work. Telling them the truth often prompts extreme reactions, as the hatred simmering just beneath the surface of their twisted, bitter souls bursts out.

Loving them enough to tell them the truth about almost anything usually results in insults, and, if we do a good job, jail or death.