Sloth + Vanity = Schisms

In recent history, many mentally disturbed people were given lobotomies. Neural connections in their brains were severed and their problems went away. Today, many are given drugs that shut down areas of the brain, eliminate confusion, and provide some kind of peace.

A primary cause of mental discomfort comes from wanting to get to Heaven but not wanting to follow Jesus’ instructions. “I want to get to Heaven, and I want to have sex outside of marriage. In Pastor Bob’s church, I can do both!”

Salvation and sin are said to be simultaneously possible in many of Pastor Bob’s “Non-Judgmental, Non-Denominational Churches”. They provide the same effect as lobotomies and brain-deadening drugs.

Martin Luther, it will be remembered, solved his own mental health issues by encouraging his followers to “Sin Boldly!” and not worry getting into Heaven because “There is no salvation by works, only faith.” From that time to this, the hallmark of the lost has been “I do not need The Church to be saved. I am saved by my own faith.”

That worse than a gross lie. It is an attack on The Divinity of Jesus. But, oversimplification is a refuge for those so vain they think they should be able to sin and still get into Heaven. To enhance that delusion, Pastor Bobs supply a couple of comforting “onlys” that satisfy the mind whose view of God is obscured by clouds of sin.

Sola Scriptura” is the ridiculous notion that one can easily read The Bible, relate each passage to all of Scripture, understand the historical facts pertaining to each period, and get one’s own soul into Heaven by simply saying “I believe in The Bible. I don’t need any church.” It that were true, Jesus would not have said “Thou art Peter and on this rock I build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. I give you (Peter, the first leader of The Church) the Keys to The Kingdom of Heaven.” Each person who says they believe in “Sola Scriptura” refuses to believe in that part of Scripture, and they don’t even notice the contradiction. “Sola Scriptura” should read “Sola Self”.

Sola Fides” is the vain idea that one’s faith is enough to get into Heaven. “Yes, I believe in polygamy, any sort of marriage arrangements that anyone sincerely wants to make, and I believe I have a right to my neighbors’ property if I feel that I need it. I believe women have the right to do away with unborn children. Basically, my faith is that I believe that it’s important to respect all my neighbors and believe that me and my ideas are no better, and no worse, than those of any others. Again, “Sola Fides” means “Sola Self”.

Protestant oversimplifying leads to swollen vanities, easy answers, and lost souls. Sloth + Vanity = Schisms

Catholics, on the other hand, answer the “Can I sin and get to Heaven?” question with “No.” Catholics are encouraged to imitate Jesus and renounce sin. That’s hard work. Those overwhelmed by the demon of sloth prefer the looser Protestant churches where Pastor Bobs have turned the war for each soul into some silliness like “Sin is how God has glorified the human condition.”

Sinners prefer “You can sin and be saved.” They say “The Catholic Church didn’t understand me!”, not realizing that The Church understood them too well.