Are Pastor Bobs “self-hating”?

We have all heard the term “self-hatred” applied to many groups. We hear of “Self-hating Jews” who vote for those espousing anti-Israeli policies. Some sexual deviants are said to inflict early death upon themselves with destructive practices because they are “self-hating”.

Are Pastor Bobs “self-hating”?

If one is in a building that is going to burst into into flame at any time, most learn the safest exit. Every soul is in a body that will, at some time, die. The Only Church Jesus Founded provides what He said we needed for ever-lasting life. John 6:53-66 is clear. “If you do not eat My Body and drink My Blood you do not have life in you.”

Frankly, anyone who reads the original Prophecies, as provided at great labor by St. Jerome and others from the original documents, not the distorted ones produced by scribes in the decades following Jesus to stop the countless conversions of Jews to the early Catholic Church, can see that Jesus fulfills them. Those who do not recognize Him as God are both foolish and doomed.

Since Jesus is always truthful, those who refuse to believe Jesus enough to do what’s necessary to receive His Body and Blood in Holy Communion “do not have life in” them. That’s just a simple fact.

It gets worse. The poor Pastor Bobs say “I believe in Jesus and The Bible.” Then, they also ignore Jesus’ very clear instructions. They also refuse to recognize The Only Church He Founded, saying “Thou art Peter and on this rock I build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. I give you The Keys to The Kingdom of Heaven.”

Every day, they say “I believe in Jesus and The Bible.” Every day, they ignore or distort all that Jesus said in John 6:53-66 and Matthew 16: 18-20. Every day!

Worse, every day, they encourage others to similarly disbelieve such passages. When they discourage others from doing what is necessary to “have life in” them, they are leading people astray. They become “obstacles”. Their sin is compounded by saying “I believe in Jesus and The Bible.” even as they discourage others from believing all that Jesus said.

What does Jesus and The Bible say about the punishment for such people? Matthew 16: 6-7, Mark 9:42, and Luke 17:1-2 all quote Jesus in similar passages about the sin of keeping people from Jesus. They boil down to: “Those who are obstacles keeping people from Me are better off with a millstone around their neck and being thrown into the sea.”

The Pastor Bobs all know that Jesus said “If you do not eat My Body and drink My Blood you do not have life in you.” They also know that Jesus only founded One Church. They know That Church has provided the actual Body and Blood of Christ at every Mass since The Last Supper. They know that their incomes depend on keeping people in their churches rather than going to The Only Church Jesus Founded, the only place that the “life” He mentions, can be found.

So, they know it’s very difficult for them to avoid being “millstoned” without a last-minute plea for forgiveness of their sin of having led so many away from life. The smarter Pastor Bobs prepare for death by rehearsing such a plea.

That may work. Or, it may compound their sin. This is a serious theological question with eternal consequences for those who come up with the wrong answer. It’s best if Pastor Bobs become Catholic, go to Confession and receive Absolution. Are Pastor Bobs so “self-hating” they won’t even save their own souls?