People Whom God Liked

God liked Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Esau, not so much. He liked Saul, but only for awhile. He liked David, and all the following Kings who did His will. He liked the early Christians. He liked the Romans, too, and used them to build a giant umbrella under which His Church could grow throughout Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East.

He liked the Spanish people, since He gave them the strength and guidance to wage and win a 700 year war against the early Protestant, Moslem invaders. He rewarded them by giving them all the portable wealth accumulated by the evil, cannibalistic, human-sacrificing devil worshippers in the New World. They promptly took all that money back to Spain to fight and hold much of Europe for The Church, saving many of our ancestors from denominations of the Protestants that succeeded the more extremely protesting Moslems who were so apostate that their heresy can best be explained by going through the Bible and replacing “Love” with “Hate” every time the word occurs.

God loved the Saxons, for awhile. When they fell away, He swung His support to the Normans. They were filled with love for, and gratitude to, Him, building the huge, beautiful churches and cathedrals throughout their nations so magnificently that they served as architectural models through our own times. The Norman nations were able, as the Spanish before them, to keep the Moslems under some sort of check.

Now, God does not seem to have picked out an entire nation or people and blessed it. The heirs of the Normans, from Scandinavia to France and Italy are all in dying countries whose disappearing populations are being replaced by the sons of Ishmael.

We see one consistency at work: God always favors those who are pro-life. As long as the Moslems renounce abortion and birth control, they will continue to make headway against the apostate semi-Christians who’ve embraced or tolerated or encouraged both.

Christians will return to His favor. His garden is being weeded. The pompous, self-righteous fools who choose not to see that The Church is striving mightily to stop the millions of abortions every year but who choose, instead, to focus only on a few dozen or hundred children molested by infiltrating perverts and leave The Church”because I can’t stand the sin”. are sinking into the heresies they prefer. “Good riddance.” may not be the most charitable response to them, but it is not completely inappropriate.

Soon, The Church will unfurl its ancient banners, upon one of which is written the word “Obedience”. Under it, as beneath the Orriflame of old, the sufficiently obedient Christian people and peoples will be be moved to their rightful place among those whom He likes.