We see that many children and young adults with Down’s Syndrome look very much alike. It is as if they are a special breed of very special people. They are instinctively kind and generous. They have an enviable enjoyment of life and are identifiable by distinctive features.

Many groups look alike. Often, but not always, you can tell if a person leans to the left by their appearance. Over time, many of us notice some common denominators.

One of the sincerest leftists is Joan Claybrook. She looks like thousands of other professional, dedicated liberals; heavy-jawed, implacable improvers of us and our world.

Joan comes from some area in the gene pool that’s not far from Al Gore. Ponderous, all-knowing, rhinoceros-like in their sanctimonious rants. It is too bad that Al and Joan, in the blue overalls of the people, can’t sing a duet that would include:

Pinko Ditty

The world is wrong and we are right
We know because we’re very bright
On top of that, we care. We care.
We are a people set apart. We’re smart.
We’re smart, we’re smart, we’re smart,
We are so smart. We’re smart.
We are smart and we are bright
And we are always, always right.
Do what we say. Because we care.
And, we are smart.

When you listen to liberals and leftists, no matter what the words are, that is the song they are singing. That is the speech they are making. Those are the thoughts in their minds.

They look alike. Talk alike. They think alike. Their vanity often drives them into atheism, not because they don’t believe in God, but because it’s hard for them to imagine a being more intelligent than they. So, they are all alike, unable to be what they think they are, but driven to be angry, unhappy, and complaining endlessly about their betters.

Love them. Pray for them. They are a different breed. They are lost. Their beliefs have turned their minds into quagmires of irrational thought that conclude in the dangerous delusion that they are vastly more intelligent than they are.