Is planetary alignment important?

Most of us give astrology short shrift when it comes to credibility. While we will not defend astrology, we generally will look at what charts suggest for us when we see them in a newspaper, which is why they’re in so many newspapers.

But, the Three Wise Men did follow a star. According to basic Bible symbolism, stars may refer to angels. So, it may be that they followed an angel who took the form of a star. That explains how that “star” could have guided them directly to the stable in Bethlehem.

But, the most important “stars” to ancient astronomers/astrologers were the five visible planets. Their alignment was noticeable, and recordable. And, on February 1st, 2008, two of the most important planets, Jupiter, “The King”, and Venus, “The Queen” will be in alignment with us.

Maybe, something noticeable will happen, and we can all say, “I thought so.”