Plots and counterplots are all around us.

The most successful plotters on the other side have convinced many that the destruction of unborn children is an exercise of Constitutional rights. Part of their plan has been to favorably label those in favor of such murder as “pro-choice”, as if they are participating in an important fight for freedom. Such lovers of death have government funding; the assets of huge, largely untaxed foundations; and a wholly-owned media on their side.

The oldest, most consistent force on the side of life is the Roman Catholic Church. There is no hedging about its love of life and her teaching that life begins at conception.

Many of us have been confused by the other side, and led into accepting the destruction of life as the other side cunningly defines it as only existing ever farther from conception.

It is our fault if we have been led astray, but most of us are easily confused by those who endlessly tell us that they speak the truth. If we have ever supported by word or deed those who destroy life, the same Church that loves life also has a Sacrament powerful enough to forgive us our sins.

No point in waiting.