a political reason to be Catholic

There is a political reason to be Catholic.  Every Babylon is driven to enslaving their people to provide funding.  All claim: “It is for your own good!”

“Thou shall have no other gods before Me.” becomes, “The state is the final authority.”

“Thou shall not steal.” becomes, “We must replace gold and silver money with paper that only we can print.”

“Thou shall not kill,” becomes “Unborn babies keep parents from tax-paying labor.”

“Thou shall not bear false witness.” becomes “We must take more of your money to solve problems that we pay ourselves to cause and invent.”

While nations rise and fall, The Only Church Jesus Founded continues.  Her teachings, unchanged in 2,000 years, provide the only ray of light on earth.  Nations that follow Catholic Teachings, as England for a thousand years, are cradles of life and joy.

In order to keep The Catholic Church from providing balance, governments replace Catholic schools, hospitals, and social services with countless agencies.  They change their focus from service to self.  Soon, more people than ever are made poorer then ever.

States encourage the splintering of The Only Church Jesus Founded.  “We need more Protestant groups!  They make The Church weaker and us stronger!”   Now, 45,000 denominations call themselves “Christian”.  Catholic Teaching is weakened and the state becomes overpowering.

For 2,000 years, The Only Church Jesus Founded has provided a balance to the state.  So, states do whatever they can to destroy The Catholic Church.  “We want nothing in our way!  We demand control over every area of people’s lives.  Those who disagree must be punished.”

Catholics understand there is a political reason to be Catholic.  There is no other balance to any state.  We focus on the tiny spark within each of us, the precious soul who will live forever in Heaven if we are blessed to be among “You are My friends if you obey My commands.”, and realize The Church is the friend of life and freedom.