Catholics see why the state hates The Church.

Catholics see why the state hates The Church. One nun is teaching almost 40 well-behaved, well-dressed  children.  Her salary is $5,000.00 a year.  The school building was paid for by voluntary donations, at no cost to the taxpayer.

Catholic teacher cost per student was 5,000/year divided by 40 students:  $125.00 per student per year!  We add the cost of administration, maintenance, and programs and see that, not long ago, a Catholic School educated children for $500.00 a year.  Those children had better test scores in every subject than today’s public school students in this classroom:

A “modern” public school classroom shows 16 children in the room.  In many states, costs are $60,000 dollars a year in salary and $10,000 in benefits for teaching 16 students, working six hours a day for six months a year.   We divide $70,000 by 16 children and see the teacher cost per student has gone from $500.00/year in a Catholic School to almost $4,375.00!

At an average salary of $80,000 for 30 years, each public school teacher costs $2,400,000.

Catholics are smart enough to consider the pension costs of the teacher.  In many states, teachers retire and collect $80,000/year for another 25 years.  Each retiree takes two million dollars from taxpayers while doing nothing!

Lifetime cost of one public school teacher for 16 children for 30 years is nearly $4,400,00.00!  Cost to taxpayers for one nun teaching for 30 years and retiring for 25?  $125,000.00!  Public school teachers, in many states, cost taxpayers 38 times more than Catholic nuns or volunteers!

Catholics see why the state hates The Church!

That cost is increased even more by salaries and pensions for countless counselors, aides, assistant superintendents, assistant principals, “modern” buildings, gyms, swimming pools, playing fields, cafeterias, security, and transportation!

No wonder we don’t have any money!

If all Christians who understood were Catholic, we could stop some of this waste.  But, we are divided among 45,000 Marketing Plan Denominations, each of which costs far more than the average $5.00/week that most Catholics donate every week.  So, we cannot stop Goliath from bankrupting us.

There is an answer!  More Catholics wonder why The Church does not encourage Catholic Cyber Schools with computer-based curriculum.  A few nuns, volunteers, retired parishioners, and a tiny staff could provide education for several hundred dollars a year.  Children could be learning far more at far less cost!  Our property taxes could drop to practically nothing.

Catholics should ask our Bishops “Why aren’t you doing that for us?”

When we consider Catholic efficiencies, Catholics see why the state hates The Church!