Popular Protestant Proclamations!

Catholics have all heard the Popular Protestant Proclamations!

1.  “Catholics worship idols!” Many Protestants do not like reminders of truly Holy Men and Women.  They remove reminders of Holy Men and women from their buildings.  It lets them focus on Popular Protestant Proclamations!   Those are the idols they worship!

2.  “True Christians,  like us, must ask everyone we can, in many ways:  ‘Are you born again?’   ‘Are you really born again?’  ‘Really, are you born again?’  ‘Are you born again?  They find great satisfaction by repeating those Popular Protestant Proclamations!

3.  “The most important thing a person can do is have a ‘personal relationship’ with Jesus!”  No one knows what that means!  It doesn’t mean anything!  They don’t care!  Some just ask, as often as possible:  “Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus?”  It’s one of the most Popular Protestant Proclamations!

4.  “Jesus was wrong to only Decree One Church Into Being!  He should have included me and said:  I say unto you thou art Peter (and, added me, too!) and on this rock I build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.’   Leaving me out was the biggest mistake Jesus made!

5.  “If you say “I believe in Jesus!” you are a good person!  You are a smart person!  Good, smart people like you get to Heaven!  If you stay with me, I will promise you:   ‘You are good, and smart, and going to Heaven!’  I will tell you that, over and over and over, as long as you giving me money!” That is the most profitable of the Popular Protestant Proclamations!

6.  “Jesus was wrong to go on an on about Catholic Communion!  He should not have said, fourteen times, ‘If you do not eat My Body and drink My Blood you do not have life in you.’  We do not need that!  I am alive!  You are alive!  You and I don’t need His Body and Blood to ‘have life in you’, no matter what Jesus said!”

Those are some of the Popular Protestant Proclamations!