We are travelers. Which train will we ride?

We travel through time and space from Conception to Judgment.  We are travelers.  Which train will we ride?  There are four:

Many read The Old Travel Brochure.  They decide to ride on The Catholic Express.  It is the only train that was made, and is operated by, the Builder of The Railroad!

Train #1 is the oldest, largest train.   The Conductor has promised them:  “You are My friends if you obey My commands.”  The passengers are orderly and well-mannered.  Those who stay on board believe they will end up in Heaven.

Others decide on Train #2:  “I do want to get to Heaven!  I believe there is a God.  He will let me into Heaven if I am a good person.  I try to be a good person.  I will not ride on that Catholic Express.  You have to stay on it!  You have to do what The Conductor says!  I like to go from car to car!  I like to get on and off!”

They choose to ride on one of the many, many, many cars of The Protestant Commuter.  It makes stops wherever passengers like.  People do not need to buy a one-way ticket!  They get on and off whenever they please!

Some pick Train #3, Vanity Freight.  “There is a God!  He has to let me into Heaven!  Since I believe, I am saved!   I need nothing more!  As long as I believe, I will ride the Vanity Freight straight into Heaven!  God can’t keep me out!”

Many passengers pick The Short Line.  It has biggest, most comfortable cars!  It provides great views of every place on earth!  Its passengers conclude:  “There is no God.  I have no immortal soul.  There is no Heaven.  There is no hell.  The only thing we have is this life.  I will do as I please.”

We are travelers.  Which train will we ride?