Pride, truly the deadliest of sins.

Pride, truly the deadliest of sins. The Bible says that “We do not choose Him, He chooses us.” We should be staggered with the joy of having been chosen. When we understand that we have been chosen, we realize that our “real” life begins at death.

That brings joy, which can only exist when there is no fear of death.

As unbelievers grow older, hatred grows in their lives. It’s hard, knowing that they have less and less life left. The little hope they have diminishes daily. Without hope, joy is strangled.

We can imagine how lost they are when considering that they think a celebrity’s advice is going to provide lasting help. Watching someone nod up and down as a TV bubble-head tells them how to think and act is almost enough to make us cry.

Their mistake is to believe in creation rather than the Creator. They err in trusting man rather than God. They make such choices of their own volition and of God’s.

They haven’t joined the the happy band of pilgrims, and He isn’t pushing them.

If they ask, He will let them join the group.

Why do they rarely ask? For the lost, Pride is something to be proud of. For us, it is a wall between us and eternal life. That’s why Pride is the deadliest of sins.