“Thou shalt not prioritize falsely.”

On Monday, we used America’s 20,000 high schools to provide a sense of perspective on the issue of child molesters:

“Proper perspective is necessary for salvation.  Proper perspective shows:  In the 63 years since 1950,  nearly 20,000 children have made allegations of abuse related to Catholic Church personnel.  That seems like a very large number.  How large a number is it?

There are 20,000 high schools in the United States.  In the past 63 years, hundreds of millions of students passed through them.  The equivalent of one person in each high school in the United States has accused an ordained Catholic of abusing them, over the past 63 years.

In one day, The Culture of Death aborts 3, 500 children.  In one week, The Culture of Death destroys almost 25,000 unborn babies.”

We may look at the easily remembered “anchor number” of 20,000 high schools and use them to provide the proper perspective on any number of issues.  Proper perspective through high schools.  In 63 years, America’s high schools each have one person alleging to have been molested by an ordained Catholic.  In one , America’s high schools have the equivalent of one person killed by abortionists.

If we recognize “Thou shalt not prioritize falsely.” as a sin, we must develop proper perspective.

Proper perspective lets us avoid breaking the rule, “Thou shalt not prioritize falsely.”   Let’s multiply 20,000 high schools times 63 years:  1,260,000 high school years.  Dividing by the 20,000 abuse allegers gives us the number:  63.  That quantifies the number of living people alleging that they have been abused.

Now, let’s compare with 3,500 abortions/day for the 40 years that abortions have been legal. 51,000,000 unborn babies were intentionally destroyed.  We see that each of the 20,000 high schools lost 2,555 babies in forty years.

When we compare the actual deaths of unborn babies to alleged molestations, we see that abortion is an infinitely graver moral problem.  Yet, in recent days, weeks, months, and years, all we hear about is the “unfairness” of denying homosexuals the “right” to  marriage.

We human programs were written and downloaded with the ability to find some truth.  Proper perspective provided by high schools shows that allegations of abuse, when compared with actual deaths of fifty million unborn babies, should take a proportionate place in our concerns.

Those who elevate small concerns while ignoring fifty millions deaths are not using their innate ability to separate the most important issues from those of much lesser importance.  Worse, they are using their analytical skills to avoid finding the truths by which they should operate.

Such choices are serious errors that, if allowed to continue, cannot help but put the soul in danger of permanent punishment.

There are only Ten Commandments.   “Thou shalt not prioritize falsely.” is  not a separate Commandment, but is part of “Thou shalt not bear false witness”.

If we realize that abortion continues because too few of us prioritize properly, and focus on other things, “Thou shalt not prioritize falsely.” is also related to “Thou shalt not kill.”

“Thou shalt not prioritize falsely.” is a sweeping rule that we should follow in determining what’s most important for us to do in every area of our lives.