Protestant Imperialism began 500 years ago.

Protestant Imperialism began 500 years ago.  Luther was enraged with German peasants for not obeying him.  He told the Nobles, “Kill the German pigs!”  Over a hundred thousand poor peasants were slaughtered in The Peasant’s War.

Protestant Imperialists understood:   “Killing poor people gets rid of problems.”

Imperial Protestants in Britain made easy money by stealing from The Church and individual Catholics.  In England, 70,000 Catholics were killed.  Many were “disemboweled while alive”.  Twenty million acres of British land that had provided schools, hospitals, orphanages, churches, and accommodations for the poor were confiscated and sold.

A million Irish Catholics met death as Imperial Protestantism waged war on The Catholic Church and Her people.


Protestant  Imperialism was just getting started!

Protestant Imperialists landed in New England.   They had Thanksgiving Dinner with their new neighbors from The Stone Age.   After dinner, military veterans among the Pilgrims realized:  “We have guns.  Indians don’t.”

The bloody wave of Protestant Imperialism washed across North America.  It could not be stopped by decent Protestants among their multiplying denominations.    Hundreds of thousands of Indian cities and villages were depopulated and destroyed.  Millions died.


Once the Native People were gone,  Protestant Imperialists had to fight among themselves.  The Civil War was a repeat performance of The Peasant’s War.  Northern and Southern Protestants got rid of unemployable young men.  That War was soon followed by two World Wars.  They were mostly between English-speaking Episcopalian Protestants and German-speaking Lutheran Protestants.  Soon, other anti-Catholic groups got into even more wars.

Thirty years after WWII, Protestant Imperialists realized:  “Abortion can get rid of an entire underclass.  Abortion is cheaper than warfare or welfare!”

By that time, there were thousands of confusing, conflicting Protestant denominations.  Very few provided Written Catholic Teaching:  “Life must be protected from conception until natural death.”


We compare the Catholic Church to Imperial Protestantism.  “Catholics settled Mexico, Central and South America, and The Philippines.  95% of those peoples still have DNA from Native Peoples.  In most of North America, less than 1% of the people have American Indian DNA. ”

Honest people do not deny that The Only Church Jesus Founded has been far more obedient to “Love your neighbor.”

Honest people also see that the “life” promised by He Who Fulfilled the Prophecies.  “If you do not eat My Body and drink My Blood you do not have life in you.” also provides “life” to neighbors.

Imperial Protestantism does not care much about neighbors or souls.  Even their own.

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