Most Protestantism provides praise for pay.

All of us have a great need for praise.  The Catholic Church values obedience more than praising people to make us feel good about ourselves.  Naturally, those unable to control our need for human praise prefer Protestantism.  Most Protestantism provides praise for pay.

The first Protestants had a big payday.  “If we can get brain-damaged Henry (he suffered from severe concussions and 3rd stage syphilis) to declare himself ‘Pope’, we can have him confiscate the one-third of England that The Catholic Church uses for monasteries, convents, churches, hospitals, and orphanages.  We’ll get him to give it to us!  We can become ‘instant billionaires’!”

Later Protestants had big paydays, too.  “We can kill the Indians, steal their land, and sell it!  We can be ‘instant billionaires’, too!”

The process was duplicated by following generations of Protestants.   From England and Ireland to India, Australia, Africa, and North America, their hireling clergy praised them for theft and genocide.  “You are doing The Lord’s work.  Give us some of the money you’re making and we will keep praising you!”

In recent generations, nearly all non-Catholic denominations have realized:  “Many people do not want to be bothered with children.  They are using abortion-inducing birth control that kills their own children.  We’ll tell them, ‘You are a good person!  We understand and appreciate your need to live your life as you see fit.  It is all right to use abortion-inducing birth control.  Give us some money and we’ll even promise that you will go to Heaven.”

Billions of unborn children, barely bigger than the grain of salt, as small as each of us once was, have been killed.

“Don’t think about them!  Think of yourself and your needs.  You are a good person.  You are right to do what you think is best.  Now, give us some money.”

The killing continues.  One reason is clear:  Most Protestantism provides praise for pay.