Protestantism seems better, now.

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Protestantism seem better, now. Today, Protestantism focuses on this simple truth: People like praise, attention, and approval. 43,000 Marketing Plan Denominations reflect the particular needs of any identifiable group large enough to be personally profitable to its inventors.

Protestantism seems better, now. During “The Thousand Year Reign” of The Catholic Church over Western Christendom, The Church in England inherited land from thirty generations of faithful Catholics.

By the time Henry VIII became King, The Church owned a third of England. The land provided jobs and help with schools, agriculture, hospitals, hostels, mining, milling, and other endeavors.

Powerful people in Henry’s government realized: “If we get rid of The Catholic Church, I can turn one of those huge monasteries or convents and its land into my own, hundred million dollar estate!”

Some saw another advantage: “Those pesky Catholic Bishops think we should care more about obeying Jesus than our personal profit! The King is a moron. His brain was damaged by being knocked off his horse in full armor and landing on his head. Even better, his mind is addled by syphilis and he’s obsessed with sex. The fat pig can’t comprehend the lunacy of making him ‘Pope’ of the church we’ll invent!”

They decided: “We’ll kill the Catholic priests who won’t go along, replace them with obedient government hirelings, and dress them in the very same Church vestments. We’ll hire pseudo-intellectual ‘theologians’ to justify destroying English Catholicism! Most academics will say
anything for money!”

So, English Protestantism began. Seventy thousand English Catholics were killed. Many of their farms, houses, and other assets were given to small-time favorites. That provided local loyalists throughout England.

Soon unchecked, they realized: “Ireland is full of those accursed Catholics. Let’s kill a million or so of them!”

Protestantism seems better, now. Marketing Plan Denominations recruit donors by praise, attention, and approval that Catholic priests are too busy to provide. For the time being, they have stopped killing Catholic priests and altering their vestments to fit.