“Pastor Bob, I’m going back to The Church.”

image6-644x573.jpg  prodigal son

Former Catholics make the best Protestants! They were raised with a greater respect for clergy. They set a good example by showing up for services more regularly. If one decides, “Pastor Bob, I’m going back to The Church.” alarm bells go off.

As older members go off to Florida or a more final destination, former Catholics have become an important source of members in Protestant churches. They are often the difference in a church staying open or having to close. When a prodigal son says, “Pastor Bob, I’m going back to the Church.” there’s a sinking feeling.

Why do so many Catholics join other denominations, particularly those identifying as “Evangelical”?

Protestantism has long recognized Catholics as a great source of new members. They study the Market, and realize “Almost ten percent of Americans are former Catholics! That’s almost thirty million people! We need to get ’em!”

Promises of being “Welcoming”, “Friendly”, “Non-denominational”, “Independent”, “Family oriented”, and “Caring” draw many. The constant anti-Catholic drumbeat from media helps.

“Non-Judgmental” is a hidden drawing card for many. “If you are divorced, living with someone, or in a relationship that keeps you from Catholic Sacraments, you are welcome! We care more about people than rules!”

Most Catholic priests have three or four Masses every weekend and weekday Masses, as well. Many have schools to run. There are Baptisms, Confessions, Weddings, Funerals, and classes. They have far more duties to far more people than clergy in other denominations.

Some people feel neglected. “Father just doesn’t care about me! I went to another church, and the minister remembered my name! He called me up and thanked me for coming! I like that!

And, the frequently divorced and remarried like not having to bother with pesky annulments.

Catholic priests continue presiding over the Miracle of Transubstantiation so their obedient flock may obey Jesus’ call to Catholic Communion: “If you do not eat My Body and drink My Blood you do not have life in you.”
That brings back all who think seriously about it.