Protestants aren’t the only people who love Magic Answers!

Lots of people love Magic Answers!  Magic Answers make big profits in diets, weight-loss, medicine, education, and in the Protestant Marketing Plan Denominations.

Thousands of people will sell us their way to “eat right!”  New “Nutrition Plans” come and go.   Each was invented by an ambitious diet expert with a Nutrition Plan!


If we want to lose a few pounds, we can find hundreds of easy ways to lose weight!  Each new weight-loss program was invented by an ambitious weight-loss expert with a Weight-Loss Marketing Plan!


Do we want a “cure” for some ailment?  Every medical problem has solutions invented by people with Marketing Plans.  All of them strive to turn their cures into cash.  Every disorder from dandruff to athlete’s foot has “The best new Medical Treatment Marketing Plan in History!”


Educators “help people learn” with new ways to teach every academic subject.  “Better ways” to read, write, and do arithmetic are invented every day or so by “expert educators“.  They have “Easy Learning Marketing Plans!”   They may claim: “My plan will raise your IQ by thirty points in less than a week!”


There is a similarity among status-driven Marketing Plan inventors.  Many put the initials “Dr.” in front of their name.  Others have “PhD” behind their name.  The truly ambitious will have “Dr.” in front and “Ph.D” behind, as in:  “I am Dr. Riley Smart Guy, Ph.D!


In the Protestant Marketing plans, the word “Reverend” may precede “Dr.”  His name appears as “The Reverend Dr. Riley Smart Guy, Ph.D“.

Many have been trained to take such people seriously. “I don’t know even what Ph.D stands for!  I don’t care!  The Reverend Dr. Riley Smart Guy, Ph.D says that Jesus is no longer relevant.”  He says I’m a ‘good person’ so I don’t have to follow any old-fashioned rules!  We says we don’t need to obey Jesus:

‘And I say unto you thou art Peter and on this rock I build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. I give you the keys to The Kingdom of Heaven.’

“I am in the denomination that Reverend Dr. Riley Smart Guy, Ph.D invented!  He makes me feel so good about myself I think I’ve been born again!   I give him 10% of my income!”

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