Heaven is not a democracy.

Catholic Fundamentalism sees many Protestant opinions on Facebook that can be accessed by entering Catholic Fundamentalism on Facebook.  They are theologically interesting.

Protestant arguments are never in favor of one Protestant denomination over another.  All Protestant objections to Catholic Fundamentalism are objections to The Roman Catholic Church.  Protestants define themselves by not accepting Catholic doctrine and teachings.  Differences among Protestant denominations are never mentioned.

Protestant thoughts on religions are egalitarian:  “We are all equal before God because He loves us all, as long as we are ‘good people’.”  In most Protestant denominations, “good people” can include abortionists.

In politics, Protestant egalitarianism manifests itself in an affinity for democracy.  Protestants, often subconsciously, think their affinity for democracy on earth reflects democracy in Heaven.

Heaven is not a democracy.  It is a monarchy.  As we’ve seen in the last century of world wars, abortion, malaria’s return, deficits, collapsing governments, inability to stop Mohammedan invasions, and socialist tyrannies, democracy has not made the world a better place.

Protestants cannot even let themselves fully believe a particularly simple passage:  “Thou art Peter and on this rock, I build My Church.”  Christ’s simple sentence is an attack on the human idea that all religions are equal.  Those who enshrine Equality as a false idol cannot relate fully to God unless they reject that false idol.

It is agonizing to listen to them make justifications that do nothing but separate themselves from God, often permanently and painfully.

Catholic Fundamentalism reminds us:  Jesus founded The Roman Catholic Church with one man in charge.  He did not found The Roman Catholic Church as a democracy.

Who would disagree with Him?  Those whose souls are under the sway of:  Pride.  Envy.  Greed.  Gluttony.  Anger.  Lust.  Sloth.