The history of the Mohammedan hatred.

On 9/11, most of the terrorists involved in crashing the hi-jacked planes into buildings were from Saudi Arabia.  Major Hasan, who massacred Army personnel at Fort Hood, attended a Saudi mosque.

Why the Saudi hatred for Christianity and the United States?  The history of the Mohammedan hatred began four thousand years ago.

Abraham was the richest man in the Middle East. He was married to Sarah, and had no children with her.  She gave him one of her slave girls, Hagar, an Egyptian.  Hagar bore Abraham a son, Ishmael.  And, she began to think of herself as equal, or superior, to Sarah.

Later, after God visited with Abraham, Sarah conceived and had Isaac.   Sarah realized that Ishmael, being at least a dozen years older than Isaac, would always be the dominant “big brother”.

So, she insisted that Hagar and Ishmael be evicted from their place in Abraham’s vast, wealthy household.  With only a bag of water, Hagar and Ishmael were evicted from their high place among the early billionaire’s family.  Rarely in history had anyone fallen so far.

“Hate them, hate them, hate them!”  Hagar demanded of Ishmael and his twelve sons and their wives and children.  And, they did.   Hagar’s hatred was passed on, becoming the defining attribute of her descendants.

As we see around us on websites like  Hagar’s hatred is still alive, manifesting itself in death, dismemberment, torture, rape, and invasion.  The history of the Mohammedan hatred.

On the other side of the Abrahamic coin, Isaac’s descendants included the prophets and Jesus.  His command, “Love your neighbors as yourselves;  do good to them that hate you.” is in direct opposition to the Mohammedan’s “Kill an unbeliever and go to paradise.”

Why do Mohammedans hate Europeans and Americans?  Catholic Fundamentalism understands where Europeans originate:  In 720 B.C., the Syrians deported many of those in the Ten Northern Tribes to the North.  Many of them migrated into Europe, retaining vestiges of their Tribal identities.  Dan’s descendants ended up in Denmark.   Gad’s children became a British Tribe still shown on ancient maps as the Gadenes.   The Tribe of Simon ended up in England as the Simonii.   The word “Saxons”  comes from “Isaac’s sons”.

Over time, the sons of Sarah took over, Europe the same way their descendants would spread across the North American Continent in just a few centuries.

The sons of Isaac (which means “laughter) did better in every area of life.  They were happier than the bitter sons of Ishmael, and most became Christian.  Their natural, cheerful inventiveness changed the world.

The sons of Ishmael?  That branch of Abraham’s families never did do much, except take credit for accomplishments they found in nations they took over.  God did take care of them, giving them lots of oil to fuel the engines the Sons of Isaac were smart enough to invent.  Even today, they resent every success their distant cousins achieve.

The better we do, the more they hate us.  It’s the way they are.  The history of the Mohammedan hatred.