Protestants love and honor but fail to obey.

The marriage ceremony has an oath in which each spouse promises to “love, honor, and obey.”  A successful marriage has those three requirements.  When one or more is missing, the marriage is not as sound.

Our relationship with God should be as solid, or more solid, than our earthly relationships.  We should love, honor, and obey God.  No one will argue that verbally, but Protestants do disobey Him in practice.

Most Protestants do love and honor God.  But, they do not fully obey.  Protestants do not obey Jesus’ injunction:  “If you do not eat My Body and drink My Blood, you do not have life in you.”

Protestants pick and choose what Christian doctrines they will obey.  They know that Christ’s Body and Blood can only be fully received by taking Communion in a Catholic Mass.  Sometimes, some Protestants do become Catholics, simply to more fully obey He Who fulfilled the prophets’ predictions.

Others choose to disobey He Whom they say they love and honor.

Two out of three is not enough for earthly marriage.  How could those who love and honor, even as they disobey, be as pleasing to God as those who not only love and honor, but also, obey Him?