Race and IQ

Variations of the following chart often appear.  They seem to imply that Asians are far smarter than anyone and that Blacks are less so.

But, the Asians and Blacks who take the test live in Western countries where the tests are given.

The Asians who were tested were self-selected from two billion other Asians.  Out of those teeming billions, they were the ones smart enough to escape the grinding poverty of Asia, leaving their less able neighbors behind.  These are the test results of the very cream of two billion Asian IQs.  The disparity is made worse by the fact that few of them have been here beyond the two or three generations that it takes for “reversion to the norm” to kick in.

Blacks, on the other hand, were not “self-selected” to be here.  Captured by Moslem slave traders and sold to Whites, they were not among those able to escape.  Once enslaved, forced selection of the strongest replaced the natural selection that produces the usual bell curve with the usual levels of intellect.  Reversion to the norm may raise those scores over time.

When we adjust for the “cream of the crop” Asians who made it to freedom, and add to that the lack of time for reversion to the norm to take place, and take into account the “reverse selection” on the other end of the chart, we may conclude that Asian intellectual superiority is as much a myth as is Black inferiority.

The worst thing about such charts is the shallowness of what is measured.  To Catholic Fundamentalists, mental ability is a poor second to both spiritual depth, integrity, and closeness to God.  On that measurement, one could make a valid case that the positions of Blacks and Asians would be reversed on the chart.

Another evil that comes from this sort of “census” (and David, it will be remembered, was punished by God for trying to quantify people) is that it becomes an excuse for genocide.  When genocide was instituted by tyrants, it was obvious.  When the less obvious genocide by malaria and infanticide is encouraged by environmentalists and abortionists, these sorts of charts provide handy excuses to paralyse opposition from those who do not allow loving their neighbor to trump their monetary interests.

Another consideration of race and IQ.

There has been a recent flurry of internet opining on race and IQ.  Some of it centers on the inability of African countries to run themselves efficiently and humanely.

Few such critics ask themselves if the situation in Zimbabwe under Mugabe is any worse than Cuba under Castro, China under Mao, or Russia under Stalin.  No one wonders if the corruption in Nigeria, or any other sub-Saharan country in Africa, is worse than in the European Union, whose people are being systematically stripped of their rights while an unelected bureaucracy uses the power of a police state to ride roughshod over them.

No leftist will ever criticize another leftist for anything but not being far enough to the left, or, in Catholic Fundamentalism terms, to be filled enough with hate.

And, governments always like to have other countries to point to and say, “See how much better we have it, here.  That proves we’re doing a good job.”

So, western governments have, for centuries, developed systems that allow them to appoint obedient leaders in African, or other foreign countries who can be counted on to loot, plunder, and otherwise destroy their people.