Remembering basics.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the lies of the other side that we forget some of the basic truths that have brought us together.

1. God the Father, The Programmer, can program particles. He compiled those particles into systems. Then, he compiled some of those systems into beings. His programming and compilations were done with amazing speed, as described in the early part of The Programming Log.

2. His most complicated beings are those with free will.

3. Everything that He programmed, or had His angels program, was done to provide free will creatures with all that they would need to choose whether or not they would choose to align their souls with His Programming Instructions.

4. He has provided The Roman Catholic Church to transmit His Programming Instructions through ages He has also programmed to successively appear.

5. Everything we see is either His Program or a corruption of it. All corruptions come from the hatred and bitterness of the Virus, who hates The Programmer and all who operate according to His Instructions.