Those in schisms are against Jesus?

Some of those in schism are particularly fond of  a passage in Today’s Reading.  Luke 9, 46-50, includes the following:

Then John said in reply,
“Master, we saw someone casting out demons in your name
and we tried to prevent him
because he does not follow in our company.”
Jesus said to him,
“Do not prevent him, for whoever is not against you is for you.”

Those in schisms read it, and ask:  “Jesus said that those who are not Catholics should not be prevented from casting out demons in His Name.  So, why do you say that we should become Catholics?”

The answer.  Many are on a road that did not begin in The Church.  They heard of Jesus in the spiritual hinterlands of confusing schisms and denominations.  Most of them do incorporate some elements of Christian truth.  None have the Fullness of Faith found in The Church founded when Jesus said to the first Pope:  “Thou art Peter, and on this rock, I build My Church.”

So, it’s not surprising that many, have not yet discovered His Church and call upon Jesus for aid.  Jesus does not condemn them.

But, it soon gets dicey.

If they stay out in the hinterlands after hearing of The Church, they have stayed too long.  Their vanity may lead them to embrace beliefs that are foreign, even hostile, to His Church.

Jesus warns us clearly of the danger to schismatic souls in Luke 11:23.  “Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters.” 

Proof?  There are over 35,000 separate schisms and denominations into which believers have scattered.  Catholic Fundamentalism’s undeniable conclusion:  If you are intentionally “scattered” in one of the schisms, you are not with Jesus and must be, according to His words, against Him.

Those in schism are against Jesus?  It’s undeniable.  Hopefully, schismatics will have time to get on the right side, His side, before the trap door opens.

None of us have long to wait.