Catholic Fundamentalism: The New Evangelization.

There are two approaches to reality.

Conventional Reality promotes death by distancing minds and souls from God.  Conventional Reality is under the control of the corrupting virus and its many, many agents of destruction.  Babylon believes and broadcasts Conventional Reality to promote lies, hate, titillation and whatever leads a soul into eternal pain.

The Roman Catholic Church is The Body of Christ on earth.  Catholic Fundamentalism sees God as The Loving Programmer.  He programs in particles and energies.  His first living energies were angels.  They were The Loving Programmer’s programming assistants.  They helped Him download The Creation Program by compiling the energy and particle programs.  They brought every part of The Creation Program into being and put it in orderly motion.

Replicating programs, including plants and animals, were downloaded.  The Creation Program was written and downloaded to provide living programs with all they needed to sustain life.

The most complicated programs in The Creation Program are we human programs.  We have free will.  While The Creation Program was written and downloaded fairly quickly, it was provided with all that was necessary to provide each human program with free will.  Human programs are able to access parts of The Creation Program, download images in our minds, and think about them.

Human programs had to be free to make these choices:  EITHER The Creation Program was written and downloaded by The Loving Programmer, OR it is all an ancient accident, OR it is some combination thereof.

Every human program is forced to choose whether or not The Loving Programmer wrote and downloaded The Creation Program.  Each human program must then choose whether or not to believe and obey the Loving Programmer’s Operating Instructions.

Those who prefer Conventional Reality often choose to believe that everything around them appeared by accident.  They feel that they are accidents within a larger accident.  They do not believe in The Loving Programmer.  Their attitude toward those who believe and obey is one of superiority:  “You may believe in such superstitions if you wish.” to hostility:  “Only a fool could believe that.”

Many groups believe in The Loving Programmer.  The Roman Catholic Church is closest to Him.  Why is that?  Begin with an amazing thing in The Creation Program.  There exist a series of prophecies that predicted the coming of Jesus Christ.  For thousands of years, faithful Jewish prophets wrote down over 300 predictions of His coming.

When He arrived and fulfilled those prophecies, people who took the Scriptures seriously believed He was the promised Messiah.  When they saw how He could erase sin and restore human programs, the most faithful understood that He was God.  Several times, He told people a bizarre thing:  “If you do not eat My Body and drink My Blood, you do not have life in you.”

Eating His Body and drinking His Blood in repetitions of The Last Supper, the Catholic Mass, separates Roman Catholics from semi- and non-believers in every age.

If we worthily receive Catholic Communion, His Body and Blood, our soul, the essence around which our mind and body was downloaded, may join Him forever in joy when it leaves our body.

It is the safest thing a human program can do.

We see, we think, we choose.  Catholic Fundamentalism:  The New Evangelization.