Shouldn’t we avoid schisms that disobey God?

The Roman Catholic clergy is required to be celibate.  Clergy in the schisms are allowed to marry and have orgasms.  This leads to a huge theological problem.

The Bible tells us that God killed Onan.  What did Onan do that offended God?  Onan “spilled his seed on the ground”.  He preferred to have an orgasm while avoiding the expense of a child.   God clearly told us that we are not to “spill our seed upon the ground”.

Today, artificial birth control separates sex from having children and separates those who use it from God.  Using artificial birth control is “spilling our seed on the ground”.  Because artificial birth control is condemned by God, it is also renounced by The Roman Catholic Church.

Until a century ago, nearly all the Christian schisms condemned birth control.  Beginning in 1930, the leaders of the Mainline denominations allowed the use of artificial birth control.   In a generation, the corruption had spread through the people in the pews.  Now, nearly all the schisms allow, and some encourage, artificial birth control.

Modern forms of artificial birth control use chemicals that destroy the tiniest of unborn babies.  The results are the same as having an abortion.  The married clergy of the denominations in schism are having orgasms.  Many are using artificial birth control to kill the consequences.

33,000 schisms have renounced clerical celibacy.  Most of their clergy accept artificial birth control for themselves and their congregations.  Why do the schismatic clergy follow Onan?  Why don’t they obey God?  Shouldn’t we avoid schisms that disobey God?

The Catholic Church is the most obedient to the Bible and to Jesus.  So, Catholic clergy are expected to be celibate.   Schismatic clergy talk a lot about “Loving Jesus” and “Knowing Jesus”, but if they are using death-dealing birth control chemicals, does Jesus hear them?  Has God changed His opinion since Onan?

Shouldn’t we avoid schisms that disobey God?

As one thinks about the importance of getting into Heaven, intelligent people ask A Very Important Question:  “Will supporting a schism that allows its clergy and people to use artificial birth control keep me out of Heaven?”

Some may reach the frightening realization:  “The Garden is self-weeding.”  That may followed by:   A Most Disturbing Question:  “Why am I supporting a schism that follows Onan rather than God?  Shouldn’t we avoid schisms that disobey God?”