Questions received about The Roman Catholic Church.

Questions received about The Roman Catholic Church.   We are often asked about why The Roman Catholic Church does, or does not do things:

1.   Why don’t Bishops apply modern technology to provide Catholic education through cyber-schools?  The dioceses have lots of brick and mortar schools.  Kids could cyber three or four days a week, then brick & mortar for a day or two to get teaching instruction.  Public education is one of the most expensive failures in history.  Parochial schools have children who are better educated at a third the cost.   Why aren’t Bishops putting cyber schools in place?   It isn’t very hard to do, millions of children would benefit, and many would remain, or become, Catholic.

2.  Why doesn’t The Catholic Church formally excommunicate powerful Catholic politicians who routinely vote for abortion?

3.  The Catholic Church does not come right out and say:  “You pro-life Protestants have to wake up.  You have less effectiveness working outside The Church if you are in hundreds of competing schisms.  If we want to end abortion, we have to unite. We can effectively do so as Catholics because only the Catholic clergy is expected to be celibate.  Many Pro-life Protestant clergy are using birth control pills that cause the tiniest babies to be aborted.  We cannot have cracks in our armor if we are to win the battle for life.  Why not be more aggressive and save lives?

4.  The Roman Catholic Church has a lot of accredited colleges and universities.  If those schools would allow students to “place out” of more courses by test scores indicating that they already know what the courses teach, their graduates could leave in less time and have less debt.  They could be thinking about marrying and having families, rather than paying off crushing debt loads.  Why don’t Bishops put such programs in place to help students in Catholic Colleges and Universities?

5.  The Roman Catholic Church runs hospitals.  If Bishops would make one in each city “cash-only”, medical care could be provided by the best medical personnel in the area at the lowest cost.  Retired doctors, unwilling to face the daily hassles of mandatory paperwork, could help a lot of other people and themselves, get paid, and go home.  The lower costs would be contagious.  All Americans would benefit.

6.  The Church’s ancient enemy is the Moslem religion.  They hunt down and kill Catholics in many nations, and have done so for centuries.   Why doesn’t The Church try to stop them from coming into our nations and putting us in danger?

All these questions are very hard to answer.  Any suggestions (our Facebook site is easier to use for comments) would be very much appreciated.  Thank you for considering:  Questions received about The Roman Catholic Church.  They are hard to answer!