What’s a Pro-life Protestant to do?

A very important question:  What’s a Pro-life Protestant to do?  There are dozens of millions of Pro-life Protestants.  They are scattered among every denomination.

Many of their leaders are Pro-choice.  They compromise with the culture of death.  Pro-life Protestants in those churches are not able to fight abortion with the unity of The Catholic Church.  Such divisions keep Pro-life people from the unity needed to stop abortion.

The problem is worse when The Subject No One Wants to Talk About is mentioned:  Many Protestant ministers use artificial birth control pills containing chemicals that kill the tiniest of unborn babies.

What’s a Pro-life Protestant to do?  Ask if their pastor uses birth control? Ask what kind is being used?  Check every so often to be sure the congregation isn’t footing the bill for some life-destroying birth control chemical or device?

It’s no surprise that more people than ever are asking:  What’s a Pro-Life Protestant to do?

Many make a very brave, bold decision.  They simply leave the confusion and become part of the largest, oldest Christian denomination.  They become Catholics.  They find peace in the Church founded when Jesus, Himself, said to the first Pope:  “Thou art Peter, and on this rock, I build My Church.”

When they become Catholic, their Pro-life efforts are not diluted by denominational disagreements.  Pro-life Catholics find great peace in knowing that The Church is not fragmented by humanists with competing interests.