It’s a sin to make things boring.

The most exciting thing on earth is that which promises the greatest rewards. That, of course, is the Roman Catholic Church and its promise of eternal joy. Since parts of it have been taken over by leftists, they have done what they could to make it boring.

Systematically, modernists have undermined every Sacrament. They have altered every teaching. They have separated themselves and their followers from the ancient history of The Church. They have polluted faith with doubt. Worse than all those things, they have made our faith boring.

Thanks goodness for Catholic Fundamentalism. Catholic Fundamentalism is not boring. It is a frontal assault on every group more interested in the things God programmed than in the God Who programmed them.

Once we have considered Catholic Fundamentalism’s notion that both Church and Scripture are literally true, many of us will find ourselves accepting it, at first by faith, then by intellect. Then, just by thinking about God as Programmer of Particles and Systems, we find ourselves far above the other side. Our view of God and what He programmed becomes clearer. We see that everything that comes from Darwin (science without God) to Marx (Christianity without God) is wrong.

We also see that the poor souls wrapped up in such systems are at risk. Many of them will not be saved. And, we cannot save them all. We may be able to save some of them.

At least, we will not bore them.