Temptations are demons. They are alive.

The  Seven Deadly Sins are:  Pride, Envy, Greed, Gluttony, Anger, Lust, and Sloth.  We may remember them with the acronym “PEGGALS”.   We understand sins more clearly when we realize they are spiritual beings.  They are alive.

Each of the Seven Deadly Sins is a tribe of demons that specializes in attacks upon the seven different doorways they are allowed to use to get into the human soul.  Each is skilled in their way of tempting souls to leave the straight and narrow path to Heaven.

Why do demons want to do such an awful thing?  They are among the fallen, disobedient spirits who followed Lucifer into rebellion against the Love and Truth that is God.

Vain spirits, in this world and the next, have always hated God.   They are jealous of Him and of any authority over them.  They hate the concept of any hierarchy they do not rule.  They try to enter us through the seven doorways to our souls.  Each tribe of demons tries to open the door in which they specialize.

Demons from the tribes endlessly push and pry at every entry to our minds by putting temptations in front of us every day in every way.

The living sins hate us all.  Why are they consumed with hate?  They know they have, in a burst of egocentric stupidity, separated themselves from God forever.  They know that they must suffer endlessly because of that one mistake they freely chose to make.  Their desire to destroy our souls is magnified by this rule:  They know they can only escape their pain if they are successful in bringing more souls to everlasting agony.

When one of us escapes the fangs and claws of the destroying demons assigned to us, they are sent, screaming in horror, to a punishment greater than the soul that escaped would have suffered.  That is why they try so hard to lead human souls, the essences around which our minds and bodies are downloaded, to the agonies below.  Sending our souls to anguishing pain is the only way demons can avoid it.

When we understand that demons are living temptations, we see that only God’s angels, living protectors, can keep us safe from them.  The Sacraments of The Roman Catholic Church protect us from the devouring demons.   It is worse than foolish not to avail ourselves of them and the great spiritual strength they provide.