He’s got your number.

It is always useful to imagine our Guardian Angel as a Programming Assistant.  He is assigned to help each of us human programs.  His job is to keep us focused on The Loving Programmer and obedient to His operating instructions

Guardian Angels do another job.  They record our thoughts, words, and deeds.  Our own Guardian Angel may be pictured as a tiny recording camera who downloads all that we choose to think, say, and do onto a flash drive.  It may be no more than a series of + signs for each of the good things we did and a similar array of – signs for all that we did wrong or chose not do as well as we could have.

There is a running total.  At any time of day or night, He’s got your number.  And, mine.

At Judgment, our soul’s  number and the supporting documents on the flash drive are played back to The Judge.  It is highly compressed.   All the contributing factors are taken into consideration. 

If we have believed and obeyed sufficiently, done more good than evil, or have been sufficiently horrified and repentant for the bad we’ve done, we may eke out a positive number. 

Or, we may not.

Our record is reviewed in micro-seconds.  After review, there is no doubt anywhere in Creation as to what our sentence should be.  We realize what will be happening.   Our soul completely comprehends the coming consequences. 

Then, our number appears.

One of two things will happen when the number is posted by The Accountant in the Sky.  We will ascend to Heaven, possibly passing through Purgatory. 

Or, the trap door will open.

Whichever it is, one thing is true.  As our Guardian Angel will remind us as often as we let him,  “He’s got your number.”