Something new about our soul

Nearly everything is old. This suggestion of something new about our soul may help some to realize something more about God and about “being made in The Image of God.”

We know that God created everything. Catholic Fundamentalism suggests that He did so with His ability to program in what we think of as particles. We begin by understanding that particles are 3-D pixels.

He, helped by His Programming Assistants (“angels”, in the Iron Age) downloaded the elemental 3-D pixels in such a way that they could combine, and be combined, into compounds.

That part of The Creation Program was further complicated by Programs to turn the particles, compounds, and energies into living programs. Plants and animals appeared, made from the 3-D pixels among the Solid, Liquid, and Gas Programs. The Living Programs were able to replicate themselves.

Humans were the last, and most complicated, Program. They were replicating Living Programs with free will. Each would choose to believe in and Obey God, The Loving Programmer, or not.

Now, with that introduction, we suggest something new about our soul:

The human soul is formed at the moment of conception. It is, from conception until death, a 3-D printer. The human soul begins to “print” its mind, body, and the necessary generating mechanisms to produce the energy that allows it to do so from bits of The Creation Program around it.

The human soul, then, is a 3-D printer. Just as God wrote and downloaded The Entire Creation Program, so our soul downloads bits of The Creation Program around it, giving us our spirit, mind, and body.

When we consider something new about our soul, it takes awhile to digest it. When we do, our belief in God seems far more reasonable than previously. We see Him as an incredibly powerful 3-D printer. We, in His Image, are smaller, but, still, similar.

Let’s not tell anyone about this until we think about it. Original thoughts make many uncomfortable, especially when they make The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit more believable.