Only Souls of The First Class get to Heaven.


What is a First Class Soul?  They are Pro-Life. As we search for certainly, we reach this reasonable conclusion:   Those who knowingly support abortion have lower class souls. Only Souls of The First Class get to Heaven.

Many discover that their Somewhat Christian denomination will not condemn abortion or abortion-inducing birth control.   At some point, every soul reaches The Big Test Question:

“I say that I am Pro-Life. But, I am supporting a Somewhat Christian Denomination that is ‘soft’ on abortion and abortion-inducing birth control.  My minister is too afraid of offending prosperous Pro-Choice contributors to take a firm stand.  I have prayed about this.  I find that The Catholic Church is firmly and boldly Pro-Life and has been, for a very long time.  If I fully realize this, and choose to give financial support to my Somewhat Christian group, rather than the truly Pro-Life Catholic Church, does my soul drop to Lower Class Status?”

The Big Test Questions include:  Does a First Class Soul drop to to the lower class levels by knowingly supporting Somewhat Christian denominations that allow frequent divorce, abortion, and abortion-inducing birth control that dilutes the doctrines of The Only Church Jesus Founded?

The Somewhat Christian denominations are dying. Their Sunday schools have been emptying since they stopped condemning artificial birth control.  Their families grew even smaller when abortion became legal and life became less respected.

Professional Protestants know this!  And, they have bills to pay.  So, when the Class A soul says, “Pastor Pitstop, if I support our ambivalent position, I’m afraid I’ll lose my soul. I feel that I must leave your denomination for The Pro-Life Church Jesus Founded.”

Pastor Pitstop gets that sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach, “Not another one!  If people keep bailing out, I’ll be out of a job!  My pension will evaporate. And, the church needs a new roof!”  His usual replies may include, “I deeply share your concerns. That’s why we desperately need you to stay here and help us get moving in the right direction.”  Pastor Pitstop may get a big, ugly stain on his soul, but he does God’s work in testing the soul.

A weak soul will respond “If you think I can help, then I will stay.”  If he knows that the influence of bigger, liberal contributors makes meaningful change impossible, then that soul drops to a lower class.  “Lacks wisdom, discernment, and courage.” is written on that sad soul’s Spiritual Report Card by the Recording Angel.

A First Class Soul will respond:   “Pastor Pitstop, our entire denomination, from headquarters down, has waffled on divorce and abortion-inducing birth control.  Our denomination won’t take stand on anything except not taking a stand.  I want to get to Heaven more than I want to quibble with a lot of Lower Class souls.  I’m outta here!”  That soul retains its Class A status. “Has wisdom, discernment, and courage!” the Recording Angel engraves triumphantly on that person’s Spiritual Report Card.

This leads to the universal truth that the Somewhat Christians hate:  All Pro-Life people should be Catholic.  Only then can we win the Pro-Life battles. If we are not with The Only Church Jesus Founded, we are helping the other side.  That is why Only  Souls of The First Class get to Heaven.

Such souls reach a reasonable, universal conclusion;   An ultimate truth;   An unchanging guide:  All Pro-Life people should be Catholic.

This is the test of our souls. Only Souls of The First Class get to Heaven.  Hope we all make our souls “First Class”!