Protestants hate hard questions!


Protestants hate hard questions!    They hate hearing, “How many of the 45,000 Protestant Denominations teach that it is a deadly sin to use birth control chemicals and devices that kill the tiniest of babies, even those who are smaller than the . at the end of a sentence?”

No wonder Protestants hate hard questions!

Compare their cloudy compromises with Catholic clarity.  “Life must be protected from conception to natural death.”  Those who seek light shun shadows.

When asked, “Why doesn’t denomination clearly teach that the tiniest babies, living miracles smaller than a grain of salt, are worthy of being protected?”, another question arises.

“You guys insist that you are Christians, but you refuse to ‘love your neighbor’ if your neighbor is small, helpless, and might cause inconvenience.  Are you really ‘Christian’ if your denomination does not protect the lives of your tiny neighbors?”

Protestants hate hard questions!  They hate to think they may be wrong.  So, we must have the courage to ask:

“Do those who knowingly support denominations that don’t condemn abortion-inducing birth control put themselves among the ‘fornicators and murderers’ that The Bible includes in its listing of the damned?”

Wow!  That sums up things in a single sentence!  Protestants hate hard questions!

Those who think it is enough to merely repeat “I believe in Jesus and The Bible!” are faced with a dilemma.  “Jesus said we are to ‘love your neighbor as yourself.’  And, The Bible says, ‘Thou shalt not kill.’  Can I get into Heaven?”

We know Protestants hate hard questions!  But, they have to ask, “Will Jesus let me into Heaven if I support a denomination that does not condemn the killing of my unborn neighbors?

That is a crucial question.  It is our job to encourage that it be asked, regardless of how much Protestants hate hard questions!